Which organic formula brand is the best?

We stand behind all our brands! That's why it's hard for us to give an answer when customers ask about the "best" milk. For us, all of our milk formulas are great. They all ideally meet your baby's nutritional needs and comply with all European baby food guidelines.

The brand with the clearest focus on organic is definitely Holle. With Demeter certification, Holle stands for holistic, strictly controlled organic quality - and has done so since 1934, as the very first organic manufacturer of baby food. Our absolute best-selling company!

Lebenswert also places the organic quality of its products absolutely in the core of their work ethik. They work according to Bioland quality. The Bioland guidelines are very strict to ensure the best organic quality. For example, the way Bioland farms operate is based on a circular economy. "Lebenswert" translates as livable, and the company is also committed to this - supporting sustainable forestry projects to keep our environment livable.

At HiPP, the focus is above all on closeness to mother's milk. Inspired by nature and the composition of breast milk, HiPP focuses on imitating it as closely as possible!

The company Löwenzahn was founded by two mothers who were not satisfied with the selection of baby milks on the market - so they created the perfect for them, organic, fairly produced milk!

It is best to choose the milk according to your personal preference, and of course according to the gut feeling of your baby!

All our manufacturers are an excellent choice.

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