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25 years of experience in selling the best german formula not only make us reliable experts, we have a true passion for providing you with the best for your baby.

Located in Hannover, Germany our team works hard and thoroughly to provide our customers with the
best formula that the german and european market has to offer. With intensive
research we make sure to stay up-to-date and to always fill our warehouses with
the newest and safest products for you and your baby.

The European safety standards allow us to offer the best quality and 100% safe products.


We have just discovered the great milk from Löwenzahn Organics, just what our baby needs! Many thanks for the support and the great customer service.

Aimee K.

Smooth process of ordering and delivery of our babies formula!

Lauren K.

Delivered quickly. I will order here again, thank you guys.

Jason L.

Great customer service, I was pleasantly surprised! Thanks for your help with choosing the right formula for my baby!

Mary Ann A.

Reliable communication and quick problem solving.

Tao M.

So glad I found a formula for my little baby girl... to know I found a safe and high quality formula is such a relief!

Alissar N.