Tales from the Office Moms

This will be a series on our blog straight from the moms of our office!

Enjoy these light hearted moments from their personal life that made them laugh out loud. Maybe you can recognize yourself in some of these!

Today we will have the occasional aunty story. Our customer service lead, Selina, tells some of her favorite memories with her nephew (4).

„I used to hate when people said things like „They grow up so fast“ or „time flies“ but I find myself saying stuff along these lines constantly since I have small children around me.  

I remember when my nephew used to run between my legs. I would stand wide legged and he would run through them from the back and I would pick him up at the front and swirl him through the air. One day, I prepared for our little game, he came running, and oomph – he was growing taller so quick that he very suddenly could no longer pass between my legs.

He ran straight into my bum and bounced right back. He had a soft landing, thank god, but I cried tears from laughing so hard.

They do grow up so very fast!“

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